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Welcome to ShareDent.

We have been helping dentists save money with their sundry purchases since 2002. We believe in working with dental offices so they can run their practices as efficiently and cost effective as possible with respect to their sundry purchases. From a business school research project to a successful dental supplies buying group, ShareDent has always maintained a business model that benefits the Dentists. Our board is a unique blend of dentists and business professionals who act as the governing body of the company. We custom designed our own inventory control and ordering system which specifically focuses on the dental office. We are passionate about working with our members and welcome any new offices who would like to benefit from being part of ShareDent.


Saving Time

Using ShareDent’s inventory control and ordering system saves you time when managing and ordering supplies. The average dental practice places supply orders 2 or 3 times a week, which could take up 2 hours or more. With ShareDent, orders are placed bi-weekly and usually take about half an hour or less to complete.

Ordering is simple and convenient with ShareDent’s tablet technology and secure website. Placing orders, invoicing, and making payments are all taken care of quickly and easily, saving on administration time. The ordering system ensures practices maintain the right amount of supplies at all times, and reduces the risk of running out.


Saving Money

Our buying group receives better pricing than could be otherwise negotiated by individual dental offices resulting in saving money, increasing cash flow and maximizing profitability. Inventory carrying costs are also reduced by using the ShareDent ordering system.

ShareDent members save thousands of dollars every year and as ShareDent grows the purchasing power increases, reducing prices even further.


It's Good Practice

Members know that joining ShareDent has saved their practice time and money. By becoming a member, you will:

• Reduce sundry and operational costs
• Benefit from the simple and convenient ShareDent inventory control and ordering system
• Be a part of a buying group that will continuously work towards reducing prices

Join your colleagues and start saving money today. Contact us for a complimentary invoice analysis to see how your office will benefit from being part of the ShareDent family.

Why Share Dent

• We have purchasing power as a large group and will drive down costs as the company continues to grow.
• Our primary focus is on helping our members reduce their sundry costs and control their inventory levels.
• We are a dentist directed company - ShareDent’s Board oversees the direction of our company and provides guidance on how best to support our members.
• We continually provide support to every office on an individual basis in regard to their purchasing needs.
• We enjoy working with our dentists and their staff while establishing a solid relationship.
• Easy three step process to start saving money.

Our Core Values are at the center of everything we do:
Dentists’ interests are first
Maintain a service model that benefits Dentists
Have an open business culture among all members
Strive for excellence at everything we do

3 Step Process

Complimentary Invoice Analysis

Inventory Set Up

Saving Money

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